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kwikwire features and options

The B-Line by Eaton KWIKWIRE™ Hanging System is a flexible replacement for jack chain or all threaded rod (ATR) for hanging various fixtures and supports. It will reduce your hanging time and can be quickly installed around beams with no drilling required. It can be used for sloped ceilings where objects hand at up to 60° angles. Simple height adjustments can be made by releasing the clamp locking tab, with no tools required. Spools or wire can be cut to length in field, helping reduce waste and up front planning.

Features and Options

  • Installs up to 50% faster - can quickly wrap around beam with no drilling required
  • Simple height adjustments are made by releasing the clamp's adjustment pin - no tools required
  • Aesthetic appeal - blends in with upper structural supports
  • Compatible with many B-Line by Eaton fastener, anchor, and hanger products
  • Ideal for sploed ceiling applications - will support loads at up to a 60° angle from vertical
  • Ideal for hanging various applications, such as:
    • Light fixtures
    • HVAC duct
    • Wire basket cable tray, such as FLEXTRAY™
    • Banners or Signs
    • Bus duct
    • Light Weight air handling equipment
kwikwire step1

Pass wire rope through the KwikWire™ clamp

kwikwire step2

Loop wire rope through / around support

kwikwire step3

Pass wire rope back through KwikWire™ clamp

kwikwire step4

Push wire rope through clamp leaving 50-75mm tail, then apply tension on wire rope

kwikwire step5

To adjust, remove tension and pull wire slightly to disengage teeth, slide adjustment pin in direction shown by arrow to release wire rope