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Telescopic Box Mounting Bracket

Telescopic Box Mount
Telescopic box mount

BB2-16T & BB2-24T

The B-Line series telescopic box mounting bracket from Eaton is a complete, easily adjustable and quick solution for mounting electrical boxes between the studs in drywall applications. The bracket features a unique flange end that can mount multiple box depths beyond the standard depth boxes. The bracket has increased rigidity to help withstand drywall installation.

Features and Options

  • Completely adjustable; fits a large range of stud spacings and box depths
  • Pre-punched screw holes provide for easy box installation
  • Bar is marked with scale for stud spacing
  • Flanged end can be cut and bent to mount multi-gang boxes
  • Finish; Pre-galvanised
Telescopic box mount

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Stud Spacing

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275mm-450mm (11"-18")




400mm-600mm (16"-26")